Theme 2021: Selfreflection!

All artists, designers and projects specially selected for Manifestations: Click on the images and names for more information with links to their pages on DDW. Here you will find links to their live chats & streams, and times available!

1. Avatar & Personification
#avatar #personification #online-display #body extension #selfrealisation #self-mockery #striving vs being #me vs body #transhuman

Prothesis Gallivantis questions an outdated view of prostheses, one where they are seen as clumsy and inhumane. The body extensions are not functional, but purely impressionistic, made for flirting with your body and use dance as a narrative medium. To make awkward but elegant shapes with prosthetics.

Nominated for the Young Talent Award: ArtEZ

DDW Page

MUTANT aims to fulfil, explain, and reveal how his desires and dreams have met obstructions, due to societal expectations of gender. Mutants and minorities are rarely accepted in this heteronormative world.

Gender, Ambiguity, Fluidity, Mutant

This work is nominated for the Young Talent Award: Design Academy

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404 Religion Not Found.
Technology and science as a new religion. Would it be better to “delete” religion and reach a new heaven with technology? Or do we always keep “mistakes and glitches”?

This work is nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU

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YOU ARE THE BEST <3 Wander in the pink clouds of the online e-girl world. Discover the lives of these cute and sexy girls, be seduced by their charms. But beware, this world’s dark side holds shame, sinister transactions and unhealthy obsessions.

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Step out of reality. A contemporary phantasmagoria Eigengrau is an immersive cinematic experience, a ritual in total darkness that solely uses light, haze, sound, and movement. A light cylinder, a reference to the magic circle, takes the audience through a narrative of various mental states. Inspired by phantasmagoria, the work creates a perceptual illusion, a temporary escape in a contemporary setting. Eigengrau is supported by Amsterdam Funds of the Arts, Creative Industry Fund NL, The Netherlands Film Fund, and Fonds Kwadraat. Website DDW Page

Digital artist / 3D makeup creator.
Why would you wear a thick sweater when you can wear a flower face?

ines alpha is a 3D artist based in Paris. She likes to create enchanted and fantastic versions of reality. She started experiencing with 3D while working as an art director in advertising, specialised in beauty and luxury. Her main body of work consists in the “3D makeup” series, where she pushes further the boundaries of makeup and beauty using 3D softwares and augmented reality.

She tries to fantasise what complete aesthetic freedom of one’s appearance would look like.
Her goal is to encourage a fun and creative approach to make up and self expression.

Why would you wear a warm sweater, when you can also wear a flower or butterfly face?

Facefilters you can wear at online sessions (Zoom, Jitsi, YouTube, other..):
Want to make your own Facefilters:
Probeer haar filters hier: Dior

A Face Filter short movie about the inner dramas of Lola, Rosa, Carmen and the Mother and the methods they use to find themselves. “Novel” explores the impact of masks, face filters and augmented reality.


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2. Intimacy and slowing down
#intimacy #inside #what do we really want or did we forget #quiet #slowing down #not going for jobs but find back the feeling or need behind that #real priorities

In Islam, the soul (Al-Ruh) primarily refers to the breath of life blown into a living creature by God, which departs the physical body when you die.
As a Muslim, it’s essential to note that I do not aim to showcase a soul but only its metaphoric journey.

Nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU

DDW Page

Tondo Redux is a work created out of discomfort and anxiety, to show that even those feelings can grow into something wonderfull and captivating.

This work is nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU

DDW Page

Can we create affectionate touch without human contact?
Future Affair is an immersive experience of blissful touch, touch without the threat of virus, without taboo or prejudice. Dima has created a ground-breaking altered space that marries robotics and aesthetic craftsmanship to bypass preconceived cultural norms.

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A hate tweet was quickly sent, how does it feel when people point at you like that? And what happens if it’s many people at once?

This work is nominated for the Young Talent Award: Minerva

DDW Page

A pool, targeted at people who suffer from a “poolless” social circle. A specific problem related to increasing summer temperatures. Lonely Pool People presents a satirical take on the increasing loneliness and isolation of our society. Website DDW Page
Hans-Peter van Velthoven – Photographer Anne Deborah Bakker – Designer Erik-Jan Kamerbeek – initiative taker Down and Rembrandt shows people with Down’s syndrome in a different daylight. DDW Page
We find ourselves in a time where we are creating a juxtaposition-position between nature and technology. 499 Seconds Ago explores the relation between these supposed opposites. Nominated for the Young Talent Award: Rietveld Amsterdam. Website DDW Page

Design object: This clock uses color instead of numbers to display the time in a natural way. The colors change slowly, just as daylight slowly changes hue during the day: from dawn to golden hour.

DDW Page

DIVERSITY IS ALL YOU NEED: Speed Queen symbolises the most elementary human right: freedom. By considering the religious clothing as a piece of equipment, a comparison is made between a professional race car driver and the Muslim woman.

Nominated for the Young Talent Award: WKDA

DDW Page 

These fragile, hypnotic objects respond to the movements of the visitor and seem to suggest being alive. With this, the designer tries to ask for empathy and attention to the nature surrounding us.


DDW Page Graduate HKU 2020



The photo exhibition Point of You was created after an extensive research into prejudices and stigmas. The people portrayed each have to deal with this on a daily basis in their own way. But what does such a stigma do? The answers were as painful as they were clear. DDW Page This concept for a portable lie detector uses a camera to detect your conversational partner’s facial expressions and uses this to determine whether they are telling the truth. Useful for uncertain millennials, but also for protection of the elderly and other vulnerable groups.

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3. Discomfort & Mass Extinction
#discomfort #climate #apocalypse #mass-extinction #XR #fake safety excuse #consuming less #excuses #overload
Katrijn’s artistic practice brings into play more-than-human perspectives. Her work has a focus on multi-sensorial experiences, storytelling and material design. She explores the evolving perception of (non)human bodies, blurring the boundaries between the self/other and the physical/digital realm. Katrijn recently graduated from BA Design Art and Technology (former Interaction Design) at ArtEZ Arnhem (NL) in 2021. Website DDW Page Genomineerd voor de Young Talent Award: ArtEZ

Interactive lo-tech installation that challenges the visitor to take a different view at litter. Take a look at plastic waste (collected at the Pieterpad) with a different eye: this mix of high & low tech shows the inner beauty of a recycled material. A shame to throw it away!

DDW Page

Tondo Redux is a work created out of discomfort and anxiety, to show that even those feelings can grow into something wonderfull and captivating.

This work is nominated for the Young Talent Award: HKU

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Vluchtelingen in Eindhoven schrikken als ze zien dat in de grootste technologie-area van Nederland, Eindhoven, de wapens worden gemaakt. Kunstenaars reageren hierop. Zijn dit de dingen die wij normaal vinden?

Militaire industrie in Eindhoven

Adimec Advanced Image Systems Luchthavenweg 91 5657 EA Eindhoven

Ontwikkelt en produceert camera’s voor oa de militaire markt. Leverde camera’s voor F16 gevechtsvliegtuigen.

> ATOS Nederland Flight Forum 3000 5657 EW Eindhoven

Onderdeel van het grote Spaanse IT-bedrijf ATOS, dat diensten levert aan oa de NAVO en militaire en security-autoriteiten in Australië, Brazilië, Canada, Duitsland, Frankrijk, Nederlandm Spanje en het Verenigd Koninkrijk. EU-contracten voor biometrische databases voor migratiecontrole.

> –> –> DAF Trucks Hugo van der Goeslaan 1 5600 PT Eindhoven

“Sinds het bestaan van DAF heeft de onderneming aan de Nederlandse defensie meer dan 35.000 voertuigen geleverd, zowel trekkend als getrokken materiaal, personenauto’s en pantservoertuigen.” Volledig dochterbedrijf van het Amerikaanse PACCAR.

> Gielissen Interiors | Exhibitions | Events Freddy van Riemsdijkweg 21 5657 EE Eindhoven

Gielissen verzorgt vaak de praktische kanten van de (gezamenlijke) deelnames van Nederlandse bedrijven aan wapenbeurzen. Daarnaast voor veel van de grote internationale wapenbeurzen de officiële promotor of agent voor Nederland.

> IFS Flight Forum 3450 5657 EW Eindhoven

Levert logistieke oplossingen voor oa de militaire (luchtvaart)markt. Werkt met grote wapenbedrijven als BAE Systems en Babcock.

> JTAG Boschdijk 50 5612 AN Eindhoven

Ontwikkelt, produceert en verkoopt producten voor de electronische industrie voor het testen en programmeren van gemonteerde printplaten, sub-systemen en complete systemen. In die hoedanigheid actief op de militaire markt. Deed oa werk voor het F35-project.

–> KMWE * Hoofdkantoor BIC 1 5657 BX Eindhoven * KMWE AeroEngine Zwaanstraat 1 5651 CA Eindhoven

Leverancier van onderdelen voor (militaire) luchtvaart, oa voor grote wapenbedrijven als General Electric, Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney en Safran. Nam in 2014 DutchAero over. Bouwt oa motor voor de F35.



Philips Boschdijk 525 5621 JG Eindhoven

Levert medische diensten aan het Amerikaanse Ministerie van Defensie, tbv ‘een medisch goed voorbereide krijgsmacht’. Voorheen ook actief op de militaire luchtvaarmarkt met leveringen voor de F35 en onderdelen voor gevechtsliegtuigen en -helikopters voor Israël.

>> –> Thales Cryogenics Hooge Zijde 14 5626 DC Eindhoven

Thales is één van de grootste wapenproducenten van Europa. Frans bedrijf met vestigingen in Nederland (oa het voormalige Hollandse Signaalapparaten (HSA)). De vestiging in Eindhoven produceert oa koelsystemen voor gevechtsvliegtuig F35 (Joint Strike Fighter).

> VDL Group Hoevenweg 1 5652 AW Eindhoven

“Verwerken onder militaire normen van o.a. pantserstaal, instandhouding van voertuigen en de productie van systemen voor rups- en wielvoertuigen zijn slechts enkele voorbeelden van onze activiteiten.” Bouwt oa terreinwagens voor Defensie. Hoofdsponsor wapenbeurs NIDV 2019.




Vigilance Luchthavenweg 31 5657 EA Eindhoven

Leverancier van surveillancesystemen (land (oa radar en warmtezichtcamera’s) en lucht (oa drones)) en surveillancediensten. Voerde surveillancevluchten uit voor EU-grensbewakingsagentschap Frontex en nam deel aan een NAVO-surveillanceproject.



A trap specifically designed for humans. Website DDW Page Genomineerd voor de Young Talent Award: St Joost Breda

Nowadays everyone wants to keep up with their online social life and status, even when you become a parent, right? In this design, a small screen is placed in a baby’s outfit, which can be navigated through the gray areas of the outfit. The baby will feel like getting all the attention and will not even realize that your focus is on the web; a win-win situation?

DDW Page

What will humanity look like in the future, in this case, what do people look like when they live underwater?

Nominated for the Young Talent Award: Maastricht

DDW Page

Fashion. Take a look at the development of Maartje’s latest collection: use of a 3D pen gives a personal, natural touch to the otherwise geometric perfection of 3D printing. The shimmering materials and metallic effects simulates the look of the minerals and crystals formed over millions of years by the shifting of the earth’s plates. Each design contains about 900 hours of work: a piece of cake compared to the time taken by Mother Earth.

DDW Page

Mechanical sculpture in steel and wood.

Dear bodies is a 3D/VR game exhibition space.

DDW Page Genomineerd voor de Young Talent Award: ArtEZ

In the predictable monotony of everyday life, fun and excitement can be hard to come by. This project introduces Playfulness as a tool to lightheartedly outwit the daily grind and create unexpected moments of joy, even in most familiar surroundings and situations.

DDW Page 


4. New Balance
#balancing #more human role of technology #digital civil rights #privacy #healthy development of technology

Shift from a human-centered world, to a life centered one. The aim of Life Centered Design is a balanced human-non-human relation. Bioluminescent Algae Jacket, provides for a situation where human and the bioluminescent algae can have a balanced relationship.

This work is nominated for the Young Talent Award: TU/e

DDW Page


Interactive candy dispenser. The machine will give you a discount after you agree to the terms and conditions. Please note that by doing so, the user gives away a lot of personal data such as gender, age and more.   Website DDW Page
A quest on keeping the combustion engine alive in a fossil-free future. Why depend on big corporations and their promises to save the world when you can do it yourself? Project UITSLOOT celebrates the power of do-it-yourself and individual agency. Go to your nearest water and gather your own bio fuel from the bottom. Graduate ArtEZ Arnhem 2021 Website DDW Pagina  

Interactive installation: the visitor is invited to choose which genetic improvements he wants to add to an unborn child. The parent-to-be is confronted with the moral and ethical consequences of these choices.

Graduate HKU 2020

DDW Page

Nominated for the Eindhoven Cultuurprijs
After longtime experiments I succeeded in composing material of fruit and vegetables while maintaining their beautiful and interesting structure.



Drinks, Pitches & Demos: 20 oktober 2021  17.00-19.00: Info volgt

Emmaus Eindhoven will run the Design Shop, where visitors can buy items from young designers and artists.  
Emmaus is also providing second hand materials and items to artists, people in trouble, and to a general audience. 
At their shop they will also offer a mixture of Second Hand Dutch Design furniture.

Young Talent Award 20 oktober 14:00:

5. Online only: (under construction)

Werner Kurosawa aka Architect Werner Van dermeersch researches Virtuality, NPIRL “Not Possible in Real Life” not mimicking Reality where avatars don’t dream of electric sheep.

The immersive installations LightWing II, LightTank, LightScale II and Singularity are part of the research conducted at the arc/sec Lab for Cross Reality Architecture and Interactive Systems at the University of Auckland. The arc/sec virtual gallery invites the visitors to walk between of 1:1 models and documentary videos of the projects. The 3D Mozilla Hub is best accessible on a PC screen or with a VR headset using the Firefox browser. Visit this world here, and click on “next” a couple of times:

Simulated space becomes a real place when we experience it together.

DDW Page visit this 3D world here: 

“I feel like a fluid that seeps into and stains everything it touches.”

Digital Artists.
Tanja Vujinović is a cybernetic artist who creates MetaGardens, transcendental artefacts and Proto-machines and exhibits media artworks internationally for 25 years, while exploring philosophical subjects of play, identity, synthetic Other using VR, IOT, and game engines.

link to world:

link to the lounge on 16+ 17 Oct 2021:

Digital Artists.


In the run-up to the DDW and during the week itself, Eindhoven based peace activist Hans Matheeuwsen is being prepped for his new role as ‘Peaceman’. Can he become a superhero during the DDW? Follow it on this page.

What can one man do to change the course of the world when it comes to war and peace? Then you have to become a superhero!

Hans Matheeuwsen has been running the peace office in Eindhoven for over thirty years, from which he offers independent information and documentation that focuses on the issues of war and peace. From his office he also fights the weapons industry in Eindhoven on a daily basis. It’s David versus Goliath.

DDW Pagina
Thanatophobia is commonly referred to as the fear of death. More specifically, it can be a fear of death or a fear of the dying process. It’s natural for someone to worry about their own health as they age. It’s also common for someone to worry about their friends and family after they’re gone. Veteran Second Life artists and visionaries Arahan Claveau (UK) and Nebulosus Severine (USA), from the ArthOle collective, have reunited for this year’s Manifestations online festival with a special interactive 3D Art installation and short film.
“You can ban me, but you can’t stop me”
The virtual alter-ego of Oscar Wagenmans – a Dutch theatre director and actor – SaveMe Oh is an infamous character in Second Life, where she is often labelled as a troll, griefer and even virus. The artistic community of Linden Lab’s virtual world is terrified by the idea that SaveMe Oh could show up unannounced during a vernissage, creating havoc. In the attempt to prevent a possible raid, the sims (or rather her haters) have been trying to protect themselves by banning her since 2007, when Wagenmans first appeared online. SaveMe Oh’s interventions in Second Life disrupt both the social conventions and shared rules of the real world, which are replicated online. Why do people feel obliged to act in Second Life as if they were in IRL, instead of realizing their full creative potential? This is the key question posed by SaveMe Oh.

– quote Gemma Fantacci

DDW Page
One of the Artist/worlds on Second Life, to be found from the official Manifestations Second Life island. You can walk to this presentations through one of the portals on site.

Second Life

Visit t r y p t v c r y p t
Bryn Oh builds virtual reality environments that convey the juxtapositions between human emotion and machine sentience.
Digital Artist – FOCUS @ Coppelia Artists: Various Daily 24/7

David Denton (DB Bailey)
Bob Johnson (Thoth Jantzen)
Jo Ellsmere (Jane Leffler)

“FOCUS” is a collaboration led by DB Bailey in which his ethereal abstract architectural style is blended with multimedia effects and other content to create a unique and powerfully immersive experience in the “Second Life” virtual environment.
“Coppelia SL” is an artist collective running an SL sim to provide studio and exhibition space for digital artists, and is hosting the FOCUS exhibit.

Visit on SecondLife

Young Talent Award 21 oktober 16:00: ​

En, omdat we jullie graag overstelpen met prachtige kunst en cadeautjes, hierbij om thuis te bekijken:
Groter Dan Ik – Froukje (Prod. Jens van der Meij) 

En, omdat we jullie graag overstelpen met prachtige kunst en cadeautjes, hierbij om thuis te bekijken: Anthony van der Meer studeerde af van de WDKA in 2015 en releaste deze week zijn nieuwste docu: over RATS en SLAVES, we willen onze bezoekers altijd meer awareness meegeven over technologie en veiligheid, Power to the People…